Woman of Appalachia

I am a great fan of videos in which people tell stories of their experiences. Especially people from relatively isolated places, who were  born in times past. When these videos feature woman, my enjoyment increases substantially. Maybe because my maternal Grandmother was my favorite relative, I have great affection for older woman.
This documentary is about the experience of three woman from Appalachia; one Black, one Indian and one white. It is really interesting and the woman charming.

Black Ivy

It seems some young chaps from some of our great Historically Black Universities have put together a website called Street Etiquette and a video titled Black Ivy, highlighting their sense of style and direction. Whilst not traditionalist per say, they are supporting traditionally Black institutions which are incubators of tradition (if only a seed) and they are also giving a nod towards classical attire (however tragically hip in some cases), both I see as steps in the right direction.