White Knight Liberal Allies?


I’m rather keen on most of Gil Scott Heron’s work, although I tend to prefer his songs to his spoken word . I rarely agree with more than 30% of what he might say in a given piece but what parts I do agree with, I really enjoy. Here is a quote from Comment #1 a spoken word recording in which I can’t say I find much to relate fully to aside from the quoted:

‘The irony of it all
Is when a pale face SDS motherfucker dares
Look hurt when I tell him go find his own revolution
He wonders why I tell him that America’s revolution
Won’t be a melting pot but the toilet bowl
He’s fighting for legalized smoke or lower voting age
Less lip from his generational gap and fucking in the street
Where is my parallel to that?
All I want is a good home, a wife and children
And some food to feed them every night’

It is slightly amusing but ultimately sad that our present day so called revolutionaries and radicals haven’t learned what Negroes like Delany spoke in the 1800’s, and Gil Scott repeated in the 70’s, about these patronizing so called white (knights) allies and are unifying with goofy anarchist, antifa, socialist and communist to destroy their own cities. Someone may benefit from these “protests”, but I assure you it won’t be any black community. Integrationist always fail on that point.