Black Ivy

It seems some young chaps from some of our great Historically Black Universities have put together a website called Street Etiquette and a video titled Black Ivy, highlighting their sense of style and direction. Whilst not traditionalist per say, they are supporting traditionally Black institutions which are incubators of tradition (if only a seed) and they are also giving a nod towards classical attire (however tragically hip in some cases), both I see as steps in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Black Ivy

  1. Jamara, we’d like to invite you to become one of our Authors in Alexandria.

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  2. Hey, J.Newell. Uilless here; had to nuke my Twitter account because it got compromised; some bastard was retweeting porn links in my name.

    I am following your blog here now, so you may hear from me here; and if I ever tweet or blog again, I’ll let you know.


      • I did do a guest post at my old group blog, Patriactionary, just recently; I’ve been hanging around here and here, in particular, lately…

        How about you? You haven’t posted in a while; have you been hanging around anywhere, or not much, lately? Whereabouts, if so?

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