The AfroFogey’s Favorite Shoe!

I don’t own this as of yet, but when I’m down and in need up lift occasionally I pull up pictures of this pair of Gaziano & Girling Dark Brown Alligator Oakham Shoe and suddenly I’m inspired!!

The Holy Grail

This is a picture of Harriet Ross Tubman’s gun and sword. I would sell all my possessions to own this. She was the greatest. Her family,the Birklers, still owns the piece and currently it is on display at Florida A & M University.

The Beauty of Small Churches


No place do I feel more closer to God and my ancestors both the Christians and those who followed Africa’s religions of various forms, than I do at a rural Negro church. For it was there that, these two great paths towards God mingled and gave us many of the practices we have in the Black Church today and our culture at large. The ring shout, catching the holy ghost, the great Black American Gospel music that is derived from Negro Spirituals, that swing you hear in your favorite Jazz composition, down on to the style of oratory made famous by too many Black preachers to name.

So if you’re in need affirmation, a way to rekindle your connection to community (which is harder and harder to maintain in this age) visit these churches or even the remains of one, its metaphysical impact can be great if you are open it. God bless you.


A Traditionalists Creed

What I am about to say does not concern the ordinary man of our day. On the contrary, I have in mind the man who finds himself involved in today’s world, even at its most problematic and paroxysimal points; yet he does not belong inwardly to such a world, nor will he give in to it. He feels himself, in essence, as belonging to a different race from that of the overwhelming majority of his contemporaries.

Baron Evola, Ride The Tiger (1961)

Julius Evola