What Am I Reading, Listening to,Watching?

ellisonbooksIn order to get back into the swing of blogging again. I’ve decided to use Sundays as an day to post what I am into at the moment. I’ll try to avoid being redundant as I do basically the same thing every Sunday.

Most Sundays I wake up to my Sunday playlist. Mostly gospel songs and a few Gil Scott Heron tracks. Today was no different and I listened to this a few times among other songs of Mahaila’s. 

I also listened to a podcast, named What Better Place to Start than God, (here’s the text)  by African Methodist Church Reverend Ronald E. Braxton. I found the podcast extremely timely as I was looking for the motivation to start reading and improving my writing.

I have started reading Don Quixote and so far it is a good as I expected it to be.  I’m considering starting the list from Susan Bauer Wise’s The Well Educated Mind modified to fit my own interests.
This clip of Ralph Ellison‘s interview with Ishmael Reed has me really motivated to find whole thing in the morning. This found this paragraph to be very interesting.

“In an essay, I’ve termed this a form of “passing for white.” That was naughty of me, but the pervasive operation of the principle of race (or racism) in American society leads many nonblacks to confuse culture with race and thresholds with steeples, and prevents them from recognizing to what extent the American culture is Afro-American. This can be denied, but it can’t be undone because the culture has had our input since before nationhood.

It’s up to us to contribute to the broader recognition of this pluralistic fact. While others worry about racial superiority, let us be concerned with the quality of culture.”