Usually the AfroFogey leaves the Chitlin cooking to the old women but since my trust in the current crop of negress, in the realm of maintaining traditional food ways, is so low I decided to learn to clean and prepare some myself.
I must admit cleaning them was an arduous and tedious task, one is so frightful of missing “something” you must go over them at least three times to feel safe. I used a recipe said to be Booker T. Washington’s to cook them and they are on the stove as we speak.
I’ll say aside from enjoying the flavor and nostalgia that I get from Chitlins. I love the act of really not giving a damn what white folks, Assimulation minded African Americans or nutty Moozlums, jail niggas and Panafricanist think about my choice of meal.
Enjoy your supper folks, it’s an ugly world seize every respite from it you can.