Tearing Douglas’s Coat Tails


Historic figures and great people, impact tends to go beyond simple ideology, and that’s especially true the influence fighting an institution as harsh and (now) uniformly condemn as chattel slavery. Modern politics are a team sports, thus as I type this both Liberal African Americans and  Conservative African Americans are trying their best to fit an octagon peg into their respectively square and triangle slots. Of course Frederick Douglas’s time and outlook was far too different, complex and serious to comfortably compare it to the general vapidness of the modern political thought and aspirations of the Black left and right.
Professor Blair L.M Kelly has an article on The Grio  in which takes on the Frederick Douglass Republicans, the article started off with a badly formed explanation of when and why the Dixiecrats migrated from the DNC to the GOP and go on to infer that Douglas would have supported abortion, without no information supporting such a conclusion. Although, I’d agree  with her in that Douglas and , “Frederick Douglass Republican” K. Carl Smith have little in common.

The saddest thing about all of this is Mr. Smith’s Diversity Outreach website, where they provide white republicans with “The four essential statements that allow you to control the narrative and defeat the “race card.” I’ve never met a person who has participated in such a class. But I can only imagine the mixed of manipulative, honey mouth republicans and earnest foolish cucks who’d involve themselves in this fellow’s racket.