NAACP, Desegregation and Sending the Wrong Message?

It seems the NAACP has tried to take the old civil rights fight and apply them to this era. As a Fogey I can understand an inability to let go of the past. But this is worst. The NAACP is attempting to apply the directives of the pre-1970 Civil Right fight onto today’s supposed problem with school desegregation. They do this and of course send the message that Black children do not have the ability to learn whilst sitting next to other Black children. That waking up at some ungodly hour, taking a bus out of town to sit next to white children will somehow help their child do better. It is a silly idea and ignores to true problem with in our community. The NAACP should be focusing on making sure the teachers in our schools are up to par, they need to try to influence parents to be more involved, create programs to support these children and first and foremost recognize it starts at home not with busing. They must stop promoting the idea that Black kids can’t learn simple because they are sitting with Black kids, stop placing responsibility outward.