The AfroFogey


AfroFogey has been my internet de plum for some years now and many folks have inquired about what exactly does it mean. I must admit the name itself was inspired by the decidedly not  Afro , Young Fogeys of England. But the worldview is solidly  Negro, Negro in the Ellisonian sense. There are other AfroFogeys , otherwise called AfroTraditionalists (AfroTrads), out there scattered about, differing from each other in minor ways and for certain many of them are better writers than I but I am here first thus I’ll write the definition .

Afrofogeyism isn’t an ideology but a disposition, centered upon the view that the past was better than the present and without a doubt should inform our future. For first and foremost, the AfroFogey is a romantic. The idea of old Harlem and old New Orleans are at the immensely appealing to him.

The AfoFogey is a conservative in the truest sense of the word. He seeks to preserve and promote Black American culture. Unlike “Black” Republicans who refer to themselves as conservatives, who have no interest in preserving anything.

The AfroFogey loves; Jazz; Negro Spirituals; Gospel and all traditional styles of Black music. He considers “rock” mostly juvenile rebellion and is one of the things at the root of the vulgarity, juvenile rebelliousness by grown men living in an extended adolescent, and the deifying of the so called bad boy in Americans post 60’s culture.
He also loves; Ralph Ellison; Zora Neale Hurston; Albert Murray; Martin Delany; Alexander Crummell, Booker T. Washington, Harold Cruse and 19th & 20th-century Black businessmen (and woman).

The AfroTraditionalist likes; Stanley Crouch’s critiques but thinks of him as the poor man’s Albert Murray. Murray is a seminal thinker and among the most under appreciated writers of recent memory. He is especially under read by those who actually need to read him.

The AfroFogey exalts and expects his kids to attend the great HBCUs; Spelman, Howard, and Morehouse, even if he never went to one himself. Institutions like them and the Black church will be the basis for “civilization”

The AfroTrad is nationalist; he supports Black business, lives among Blacks and marries Black- and greatly enjoys the phrase “if she can’t use your comb, don’t bring her home”. However, he is not sympathetic to the Black Panthers and the Black power movement or any post 60’s Marxist informed “radicals”.

Without a question, the beautiful Clair Huxtable in her 1980’s era splendor is the AfroFogeys pin up girl. On occasion, his style and disposition will cause those who know him to call him Bill Cosby.

The AfroFogey eats and loves fried chicken, collard (mustard & turnips) greens, Virginia ham, real barbecue, and whatever grandma cooked. He also likes fine French food (Duck & game please) and wines a great deal.
The AfroFogey loves Africa, specifically West Africa, but is rather indifferent to Africans, especially those who’ve immigrated to the US.

The AfroFogey always pays deference to religion and loves the AME & AME Zion churches.

To the AfroTraditionalist, Mahaila Jackson is the greatest singer ever (because she is).

The AfroFogey thinks the civil rights movement may have theoretically been largely a good idea but is cool on integration. Frequently laments the demise and decline of Black businesses, churches and especially our communities.

As alluded to earlier the AfroFogey prefers the term Negro to Black and Black to African American and certainly is not a Person of Color.

Never fervently or hatefully but the Fogey is anti- immigration and thinks birthright citizenship is silliness. There is much to be said for blood, culture land and traditions a far more reasonable and logical way to decide where a person is a citizen of.

Some AfroFogeys may be Prince Hall Masons but sadly that’s a dying breed and the organization has caught the attention of  uneducated conspiracy theorist.

The AfroFogey drives a Cadillac unless his wife has convinced him to get a Lexus (the province of social climbers). If not able to afford the Caddy he drives another affordable understated vehicle; Toyota, Buick, Chevy but never an Acura.

Some frequently votes Democratic although he shouldn’t.
The AfroTraditionalst is apathetic to Feminism and finds feminist amusing.

The AfroFogey has absolutely no voice in the mainstream media.

Not unheard of for the Fogey to have the only well-kept house in a rapidly declining neighborhood.

The AfroFogey is never an activist.

The AfroTrad vacations on Myrtle Beach, MMartha’sVineyard, The South Carolina Lowcountry, and Ghana among other places. He never visits LA, Las Vegas or any other cultural wastelands.

The AfroFogey constantly defends Black culture against the “conscious”, insecure uncle toms, Pan Africans, Radical Liberals, color blind so called conservatives. Rarely defends the culture against whites, their opinion on the topic matters little.

You may be wondering if there is a female equivalent to the AfroFogey and the answer is unlikely. The closest specimens were the recently deceased Elizabeth Wright and the long dead Zora Neale Huston( our spiritual mother.)

2 thoughts on “The AfroFogey

  1. This is a highly interesting blog and this post is quite informative indeed. I am a white guy and all, but this post describes some people that I’ve met. I always heard people ripping in the “Cosby Show” as bad and “sellouts” and blah, blah, blah. To me they just seemed like good folks. Whenever I hear Ledbelly or similar AfroTrad Fogey types I can’t deny that it sounds good- better than rap (even, dare I say, that “Pick a Bale of Cotton” song).

    “The AfroFogey has absolutely no voice in the mainstream media.”
    This is true, unfortunate and untenable. In order for AfroFogeys to not be subsumed by either rap/jail/ghetto culture or Toure/Don Lemmon/Sharpton culture then it must gain either some mainstream acceptance or become a serious subculture.

    Anyway, just the musings of a white guy. All the best to you in the new year.

    • Sorry for the delayed response Sir. I’m still rather bad at blogging. Most of those old slavery songs,especially on the caliber with Lead Belly is great and are far more courageous expressions of culture than anything Lil Wayne or his ilk puts out.

      I’ve long giving up at any o chance of mainstream representation. The best we can hope for these days is the option to live our lives as we please with out some one forcing their ways upon us – but even that is unlikely.

      Thanks for the comment and your musings were accurate and welcome. I hope your New Year has treated you well.

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