Rid Yourself of the White Man


By the title you might expect some sort of radical text, saying either we should go back to Africa or kill the cracka off in a glorious revolution. Maybe some black panther like rhetoric that simultaneously condemns whites and seeks their help and embrace of our cause; well, those whites who are “down for the people” anyway.  I mean none of that of course, nor do I mean one should rid themselves of the intangible parts of our culture that may have started with whites like the sax (and all the instruments used to create the Blues,  Gospel, and Jazz), the English language or ( if you believe they gave It to us) the Christian religion. No culture is without outside influences and purity spirals are unhealthy for any culture, movement, and organization.

That said, I certainly am against embracing much of white culture and especially current mainstream white culture. I’d dissuade one from engaging the former because I am an anti-assimilationist, and the latter because it’s crass,  godless, materialistic and vulgar ( like our current culture). We need to support and foster our own institutions, and outlooks on the world in order to be a spiritually and culturally prosperous race. If we don’t do that, our very identity will always be insecure and we will continue to exhibit the forms of self-hatred and self-destructiveness that are so common among us.

What I mean is rid yourself of the white man as an excuse, as one to emulate, as one to oppose and as one to seek love, respect or any validation from. Be neither his enemy nor his follower. Imagine your own path.  Be secure in yourself as a black man with his own ways, mores, values, and culture developed in our over 400 years in this land now called the United States. Celebrate your achievements, unify with your brethren, follow your betters and lead your lessers. Create a way of life directed at self-determination for the black race, instead of one dedicated to receiving favor or fairness from whites. Act and behave as a confident person from a confident culture. That is the only way to build on our traditions and maintain our identity( what little we have left of it)

5 thoughts on “Rid Yourself of the White Man

  1. Makes sense. But it will no doubt be challenging.

    Take hip-hop, for instance; in its earliest days, with artists like Grandmaster Flash, the music was indeed simply mostly about the black American experience of life on the street, in the ‘hood, etc., and not wedded to politics, and it was willing to condemn the gangsta lifestyle, recognizing the social pathologies of it. But then, after that, came the radical black Muslim hip-hop of Public Enemy and associated acts, which defined themselves in terms of radical politics, against white racism and its effects, though they did preach self-reliance, to their credit. Alas, after that, gangsta rap became popular, which while largely dispensing with politics, glorified the gangsta lifestyle, gang violence, bling-bling, conspicuous consumption (I’m always amused at how they latched on to cognac, as a status symbol of newfound wealth), hedonism, treatment of women as simply sex objects, etc. In other words, it embraced the cultural rot and social pathologies of the ‘hood.

    It seems to me, that applying this to rap, one might wish to return to rap’s roots, in its earliest days, before it became either hyper-political, or entirely focused on self-centredness, and focus more on story-telling, just telling it like it is, but encouraging positivity and condemning social ills, as Grandmaster Flash tried to do in songs like ‘The Message’.

    And then, there’s the rest of popular entertainment, from movies to TV to sports, etc. While there are elements of positivity and morally uplifting stuff, there’s much cultural rot and decay, that will have to be sifted out (as with modern day white American culture).

    So, it will be necessary to reform modern-day black American cultural and social / political institutions, as well as disentangling them from self-definition in relation to / reaction against white America. As well as the need to address the absence of fathers in poor communities, the rise of ‘baby mamas’, welfare bums, etc.

    It will be a challenge. But it must be done. And no-one ever said reaction would be easy. The reactionary road will always be a difficult one, for all peoples.

    Cheers, Geechee! 🙂

  2. The Bloods are a tribe, the Crypts are a tribe. A race is not a tribe. You only need to look to Africa to see that. Defining yourself as a tribe is only possible when you define yourself against Caucasians, not without them. You are right back where you started.

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