19 thoughts on “More From Lanterns on the Levee

  1. So, ‘white trash’ were descendents of 17th century English ‘chavs’. Interesting.

    Australia was an English penal colony, of course, originally…

    A few years back, a Canadian comedian recounted visiting Australia, being asked by customs officials if he had a criminal record; he joked that he told them, “Oh, I didn’t realize you still needed one of those to enter.” 😉

    • Which was how it should be, else it would have been them Episcopalian hoity toity Virginian types, rather than good Presbyterians / Methodists / Baptists / snake-handling crazy Pentecostal types who’d have instead dominated. Better my people than them. 🙂 We had a civil war of sorts in Ontario, a rebellion against the institutional power of the connected Anglican class, the Family Compact, who tried to impose their way, education-wise, on the rest of the people. The Scotch-Irish would not abide such a thing. 🙂


      Though, because I consider myself a small-t tory, I sorta sympathize with them, a bit. 🙂

      History is always complex, IMO…

      • Somehow I missed this! They dominated in population but not politics,culture or education generally. For the most part even to this day the Scots Irish can have rather serious problems. Of course many were successful, even some presidents. The Italians and Jews haven’t achieved that.

  2. Geechie, I’m quitting Twitter again; I’ll see you either here or at my blog, plus you have my email address, and I think I should have yours too since you once commented at my blog previously, unless it’s changed.

    See you around!

    • Hey Will long time no see! They have been working me too death lately! lol I did read about them in the Lost White Tribes book I told you about some time. You should check it out it has some interesting Caribbean groups in it.

      • Indeed, I should look up that book.

        Good to hear from you! You’re one of the few people from the Twitter gang I miss chatting with. 🙂

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