Men’s Minimum Wardrobe?


I am of the mind that traditional thought must be accompanied by traditional dress. It shows respect for a given situation and the people involved and an appreciation for beauty. But even if one doesn’t dress in a traditional manner typically, they should always dress appropriately for whatever  they are doing.
Here is a pretty versatile collection of clothing that will have you prepared for almost any situation. From work to play to those ambiguous situations in which you are not quite sure what to wear.
Comment if you have suggestions for additions, or two disagree with an addition or simply to laugh at the list.

5 city suits;
2 informal, weekend or country suits (eg.1 Tweed and 1 Linen);
3 tweed coats;
1 Navy DB Blazer;
1 Dinner jacket;
2 Summer weight unlined coats;
10 Casual trousers;(dark blue denim, corduroys, khakis, moleskin, twill)
24 Boxer shorts;
85 neckties;
7 White dress shirts;
17 Color dress shirts;
12 Informal button down shirts (including Viyella & Oxford);
36 pochettes (12 colored, 12 Irish linen, 12 au choix.);
8 Sweaters;( Shetland wool, cashmere)
2 Vests; (for wear with Tweed coats.)
5 Pajamas;
1 Bathrobe in wool;
1 Bathrobe in silk;
1 Smoking or “Interior wear only” jacket;
1 Barbour jacket;
7 Pairs of shoes (4 Oxford, 2 Elegant Brogues; 1 Double soled Brogues);
4 Overcoats (DB blue or gray, SB blue or gray; Tweed , Whipcord, or Covert);
1 Leather jacket (optional, should be Sheepskin, preferably made bespoke);
5 Hats (Trilby Brown and Gray; Fedora; Homburg in black, Panama);
4 Caps (3 tweed; 1 Linen);
3 pairs of gloves;
Assorted silk and cashmere scarves;
2 Umbrellas;
1 Cane or Walking stick.
Boxes of socks. “Fils D’Ecosse”, Wool, and Linen.
Unlimited numbers of pairs of cufflinks and button covers.
2 timepieces: Leather band dress watch, and Sportswatch
Assorted braces and belts

7 thoughts on “Men’s Minimum Wardrobe?

  1. I learned some things today. Thank you. 🙂
    Does your closet closely resemble this list? It’s so precise and exact. And why 24 boxers instead of 28 boxers?

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    • I agree that is a lot of ties. but it’s not that hard to accumulate 85 ties over the years.Especially those who thrift or have many kids who gift them the most dreadful tie.

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