Of Hogs and Men: The Pig As an Investment


     In America the pig has a long association as the poor man’s food. I have never quite taken that idea seriously  as it isn’t the cheapest food, that title I think belongs to chicken or maybe fish(free).  But this particular verse promotes an interesting perspective. Posing the pig  as the ultimate investment for the downtrodden. Unlike banks it doesn’t crash, if it dies you can at least make soap out of the lard. When slaughtered, one can barely contain the bounty, its so great! So screw Chase, they got enough of your money during the bail out and buy an heritage pig! Or hunt a wild boar.

                                            Of Hogs and Men
              (courtesy of Encyclopedia of Black Folklore and Humor)

De Hog am de po’ mans bes’ frien’; not dat I’m ‘quainted wid po’ folks.  I see’em  sometimes gwine along de road, but ef’n I was po’ an’didn’ have but a dolluh, I’d ‘vest it in a pig, sho’. It better’n de bank, cazedat do bus up now an’ den, but it diff’unt wid de hog- he always ‘roun you , an’ in dese unsartin timesit wuth consider’able ter have yo’ ownin’s wha’r you kin retch out yo’ han’ an tetch em’.

  DEn, s’posin’ he die fo’ his time, it ain’t so much loss caze you can kin b’ile ‘im up an’ make sorf soap outen ‘im. He de’ mos’ ekernomical , de mos’ increasin’is’ an’ de’ mos’ yieldin’is’ critter dat goes.  He  ‘stro all de trash  an’ slops weeds roun’ de house ‘doubt botherin’ nobody ter tote ’em  off. He always gettin’ bigger an’ fatter, an’ when he’s kilt , de yieldin’s is so numersome  you sca’cely got de room  ter sto’ em. You kin eat ’em from de yurs down ter de foot, an’ sprang out ter de’ tip uv de tail.

                        We eat ‘im hot, we eat ‘im col;

                        We eat ‘im young, we eat im’ ol;

                       We eat ‘ im tender , we eat ‘im tough;

                        An’ yit  we never got enough.

    De hog live so close to  ter po’ folks he larns a  heap uv deir ways. Ef you  gi ‘im  sup’n he grunt ; ef you gin ‘im nothin’ he grunt; an’ whatsom-ever you do, he grunt an’ complain. Ef’n he got thanks inside dey comes  out in grunts -jest like some people I kin mention.

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