Self Hate?


There is a movie called The Help out in theaters that has seemed to cause a ruckus among the Black woman on the various social networks. I have no real interest in the movie but a thought ran across my mind. Could the woman complaining about this movie suffer from a little shame from seeing their forbearer as domestic workers? Mammy’s as they are called by some. I find that ludicrous of course. Especially considering all the black families who were clothed and fed because of these hardworking women. I greatly prefer the woman from that time with their native intelligence,  ingenuity in the kitchen, self-reliance and hard work , to the women of this age who’s best attribute I can ascertain is the ability to put their college educations to use on twitter whining about how whites haven’t accepted them more thoroughly.   Telling of the character of the women of 1950’s, when a reporter asked one  domestic, who had walked tens of miles per day,  how she was holding up with so much walking during the boycott which lasted for 13 months between 1955 and 1956 she responded, “My feet is tired, but my soul is rested.”  I am not confident the women of this age have such resolve.

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