Elizabeth Wright RIP

Elizabeth Wright was one of the clearest and most honest writers on the topic of race in America. How she was not embraced by a larger audience is a testament to how thoroughly Black folks have been convinced we aren’t able to do anything on our own by liberals and Republicans both Black and white.
I don’t exactly remember when I first came across her writings. I do remember, not being completely able to place her on the racial writing spectrum as I knew it at the time, and honestly she offended me slightly, she was so blunt and direct, her belief in self reliance resolute. Over time she became a great influence on me and my style of thought. One won’t find many people offering warm and personal stories about her as she was intensely private and preferred to communicate through email, it seems most never got a chance to speak to her personally. She and some refer to her as a Booker T Washington conservative, but I don’t, there was no tinge of seeking white acceptance in her writing. Sometimes it seemed she dared whites to be racist; hoping it would force self-determination on us. She was her own creation. I also hesitate to call her a conservative, as she certainly is not be included in the same sentence as Jesse Petterson or Larry Elder.

RIP Elizabeth Wright. I don’t know how many minds your writings will live on in, but they surely will stay with me.

To read some more of her work visit her blog : http://issuesviews.blogspot.com/

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Wright RIP

  1. “Sometimes it seemed she dared whites to be racist; hoping it would force self-determination on us.”

    It was never seeming that she dared whites to be racist; she was an apologist for the racism that would be directed against other members of her race. Not only that, she acted as a sort of guidance counselor for so-called weak white men, ‘weak’ meaning if they believed in the smallest crumb of egalitarianism.

    What you stated (that I’d quoted) is delusional. That you found her offensive ‘sometimes’ is proof that you aren’t completely nuts. It is one thing to want to apply the notions of capitalism or ‘self-reliance’ or individualism to better your own community, but it is quite another thing to allow your words to be used by racists who believe your race is inferior and deserve subjugation if the time comes…

    I’ve been looking into this person and it is no surprise her apologetics for white racism never became popular among black people. One can be right-wing or whatever conservative blacks like to call themselves but racism hurts everyone, the victim and the racist. Her writings, her goading on of white supremacy by denigrating blacks on her website and theirs, is inexcusable.

    She will be lost to time, and thank God for that. She’s horrid.

    • Thank you for the comment and you’ve made some interesting if overly cliched points. She never apologized for anyones racism, she simly placed it in the proper perspective but since black folks have made whether white folks like them or not central to their identiy you only noticed that she isn’t “outraged by racism” I found offensive early on because, like you I was on the pc plantation where free association and self determination is frowned upon. Where the beliefs of people like Mrs. wright and Zora Neale Hurston ( yes her politics where far closer the Mrs. wright’s than yours) are ignored for people focused purely on assimulation. Egalterialism is a terrible concept, even great men like Marcus Gaarvey supported natural aristocracy, he also met the klan and had a fond word to say about Hitler. But no serious person would agree with you if you called him anything but pro black.
      Your last paragraph is where the clichés kick in particuliarly aggressively almost verging on clap trap like I can’t wait for the day we don’t see color or whatever. so they are hard to respond to seriously. But those of us who are of a nationalist bent understand the importance of Elizabeth Wrights voice and she will for ever live in us while we live our lives to support cultural survival and self determination.

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