We Can Save and Preserve our Culture!

The time has come. Time to take over our communities. For the glory of our ancestors and for the security of our children , grandchildren and their children. The government can not do this for you- matter of fact they will stop you, they need to control you. Vote not for Democrat or Republican, take vote of confidence in yourself and control your own destiny. “If you cannot do it…you shall die!”

One thought on “We Can Save and Preserve our Culture!

  1. Saving and preserving our culture is kind of like saving and preserving geological rock formations that indicate how long the earth has been in existence and the conditions of the world before humanity existed. Black culture is an indication of how long the human race existed, whether you believe that god created man some six thousand years ago, or nature created man 250 thousand years ago. Black culture tells us that the original man was black because eithehr the conditions of nature, or the logic of god dictated that they must be the color that contains the chemical that can communicate with the rest of nature. The study of carbon 14 and the first five species of man in black culture tell us what the world was like before their were non black people inhabiting it. The holy books tell us that it was a better place, they tell us that the world and mankind were more perfect and that man could use more vast portions of his brain. They tell us that they could perfrom miracles and that those gifts were taken away when whiteness was introduced to the world. The holy books tell us that when the world was black that god spoke directly to man and he could speak back, they tell us that the angels were jelous of man because of his chemical magnificence. In fact when the world was all black the angels were so jealous that they materialized into fleshly bodies just to see what blackness felt like and to have children that were black, a power they didnt posess. If nature dictated that mankind be black and the spirit world was jealous because our blackness made us more divine, then it would be stupidity on our part not to preserve it.

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