Building Sustainable Communities

It is sad we have excluded ourselves from the sustainable communities discussion. Through out much of our history we lived in self sustained communities practicing what they now call organic farming. Imagine how lower our crime rates would be, and how much more efficient our schools would be if you took greater control in what we do and produce in our communities. It is time to remove the government from the equation and get back to controlling our own destines.

7 thoughts on “Building Sustainable Communities

  1. We have not excluded ourselves from the sustainable communities discussion. WE have been excluded from the discussion WHITE PEOPLE are having about sustainable communities.

    They create events that are economically, culturally and socially relevant to WHITE PEOPLE, only market their events to WHITE PEOPLE, and then they don’t understand why nonwhite don’t show up.

    A Sustainable Communities Conference that has only ONE black presenter – in 2010 – is a conference that should also have a “Dismantling Racism” component. This “post-racial” tokenism needs to be addressed.

    • Why is it the responsibility of whites to include us in their discussions? I imagine self sustainability ties in strongly with self determination. I phrased the titled wrong. I should have said why aren’t having these discussions. The black belt and many places in the South are perfect place to institute great change in the sustainable communities movement.

  2. It is NOT their responsibility to include us. But, if there’s an event and the organizers have to ask, “Where are all the nonwhite people?”, then it is they who have to check the role their covert whiteness plays when producing these kinds of events that cater exclusively to white audiences and address it, instead of just dismissing it as something black people are not interested in for whatever reason.

    But, WE ARE having these discussions; they off the mainstream (white) media radar.

    • My view is it is best we do it on our own it would fit our needs better. I think it is sends a bad message to Blacks; when it expected for whites to have include us in everything they do. We are fully capable of doing things on our own, I am confident in that.
      I will agree I was wrong to imply, in the blog post’s title, Black people aren’t having this discussion. I would like to see it on a larger scale and more organized, when some sort end game plan.
      The Black Belt is a region of Black majority counties that stretches from Texas to Delaware. Originally named the Black belt by Booker T Washington because of its fertile soil, it later started being called the Black Belt due to it population.

  3. Unfortunately, we don’t appear to have the capacity to get to a larger scale. We still have work to do around PTSS and our relationship to land and nature. Once we heal through that and reprioritize our values, we will be more powerful. But, after the Black Farmers Conference, I see things changing.

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