Surge in Gun Murders Involving Young Black Males

“From 2002 to 2007, the number of homicides involving black male juveniles as victims rose by 31%, and as perpetrators by 43%.” He went on to that this “was consistently true for every region of the country.”

While the author of the study suggests more police and more programs, it seems to me young Black males would benefit from learning more tangible skills; learning to work the land, build homes and general carpentry. When your accomplishment is something of physical substance, something you can eat, live in, use or sell; you gain a unique confidence, a confidence that can only be achieved through self determination and success. Personally, I don’t find the idea of more police and young black male interaction favorable nor do I think the typical after school programs work.

In no way am I saying we should abandon educating ourselves but this in combination with a traditional education would decrease idle  time and provide a combination that could help rebuild our communities, lucrative careers, self confidence and stronger future generations.

Of course we come to the issue of implementation and getting young and at risk Black males in a position to learn these skills. That is where you readers come in. What are your suggestions?

One thought on “Surge in Gun Murders Involving Young Black Males

  1. Hi, I have found your blog by following the link from your comment on New Haven Independent about Fair Haven … Hello neighbor!

    I have decided to comment on your post, in your last words you ask for suggestions. My own: maritime jobs! Well paid, in demand and historically very “black” – I recommend a book “Black Jacks” – African American Seamen in the Age of Sail

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