Macaroni and Cheese

Mac & Cheese

I have noticed the rise of many nouveau Soul Food recipes. While I support anything that keeps the traditional food ways of African Americans alive I tire of these  newfangled; 10 cheese, sour cream, and breadcrumb  laden recipes I come across so much these days.

Here is a recipe in which I feel embodies the spirit of the traditional dish the way it was made by our grand parents.

First,  boil 2 cups of macaroni pasta in lightly salted water

While the pasta is boiling, make a cheese sauce. Melt butter (2 tbs) in a sauce pan over low heat, whisk in flour (2tbs), then stir in heavy cream(1 cup) and milk (1/4 cup)(or evaporated milk). Stir non stop until it is thick. Take off heat, add your choice between creole seasonings, paprika and salt and pepper (to taste), add 1 1/2 cups of grated or chopped up sharp white cheddar cheese( I like traditional English). Stir until cheese well mixed.

Next, Cube 1 pound of sharp yellow cheddar cheese ( I like American cheddar here) and mix it, the cheese sauce  and the cooked and cooled down macaroni( 1-2 cups) to together in a bowl. Pour into a baking dish and sprinkle Pecorino Romano cheese(if you must modernize) on top and bake for an half hour.

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